Email Marketing - Do It In 5 Stages

Stage 1. Get a reliable autoresponder. You can’t email effectively without one, and you need to know your subscribers will be receiving your emails consistently.

Stage 2. Build your list. Use your autoresponder to collect and organize your list. Have a page on your site where visitors can opt in to your list. Your autoresponder will automatically add subscribers’ names to your list.

Give the a reason to subscribe with a valuable freebie, such as a course or trial of a membership. With a course, you set it up as a series of emails spread over a few days. If the course is useful to them, subscribers will open your emails day after day to read the next part of it. You can put in offers at the end of each part, or affiliate links in the text.

Stage 3. Marketing through your emails. Create a sales page to an offer. Decide on the date you will make the offer, and send a link to your whole list then.

Stage 4. As part of your offer set up, also set up a means of collecting the money. The easiest way is to use a payment gate most people use or are aware of such Paypal, though there are plenty others to choose from. Once payment is received, have an email automatically sent out with the download page link for the product.

Stage 5. You can also have a Thank You page with the link on it. This shows you recognize their custom for which you thank them. It also gives a second place to have the download link so people should not feel left in the dark about what to do now they’ve paid. If there is a problem, you include an email link for support or any questions that arise now or later.