Email Marketing - Competitive ActionsHow many lists are you signed up for? If you’re like most people you’re signed up for a lot. However, also like most people, you probably only open and read a few, maybe just 2 or 3 on a regular basis.

All of those emails that keep arriving in your inbox are in competition with each other for your attention. Just like your emails you send out to others, if you’re using email marketing. Too many people look for a quick fix, go into email marketing, having maybe bought a system on it, but get frustrated and give up on it.

The reason this happens is they haven’t taken the right actions before and during their marketing with emails.

First, don’t try to be the best in your niche. Aiming to be the best seems a right intuitive decision. But it’s better to be unique in your niche. You’re not then in a head on competitive battle with your competition. You provide something, or have a unique way of doing things, people can only get from you. It need only be something small but enough to generate profits. It’s your advantage in your niche.

Decide what that will be and what value you provide. Also, how you can get the most value from it. That is, most profits.

Second, position your business in the niche based on that advantage. That will attract traffic. Your positioning may only have one unique element or be a grouping of different elements to create the uniqueness. For example, in the health niche an ideal product would be an exercise routine unique to you and you’ve trained your associates in. It may look similar to other routines but they have to come to your business to get the exact way of doing it. Or you could have a diet plan that works using a product you’ve specially developed.

However, more ordinarily it can be just a little twist to something like customer service or style of doing things in your niche.

Third, make sure your products follow through on what you promise. It’s no good having a million subscribers but when they get your product, it’s not what it says it is. No matter how good your emails, subscribers will not convert to customers in this situation.

Fourth, in fact before you get to the point of making an offer to your subscribers make it a priority to develop a relationship with them. Develop trust and credibility. You need to appear as professional in your attitude and approach so your emails are worth reading, and not just another marketer sending one offer after another. They want to know you provide valuable and useful information. They will buy from you as a real person, not a marketing products machine.

Fifth, your subject lines might be attractive but without past credibility your emails will stop being opened. Also, the topic you have in your subject line has to be the same as what your email is about. Once they open an email because of the subject line and find the email doesn’t match it, they won’t open your emails again.

In addition, test and track your email opens and clicks. Move your best emails to the front of your campaign. Use the information to keep improving your email sequence.

Sixth, even then, have your market as targeted as possible, through your positioning. Don’t worry about those who don’t sign up, or do but then unsubscribe. In fact, you could yourself clear out your list regularly of those who seem to be just sitting on your list with no hint of responding.