Email Marketing -Beginning With It

Email marketing means having a list of your own subscribers who you make offers to and so generate profits. To make that work, you must have something to sell to them, something they need or want. Something that will be useful to them in their niche in order to help them to succeed in what they’re doing.

It seems so obvious about having a product to sell. Yet people go online either forgetting all about it or they find, create or choose a product they want to sell and forget about the marketing of it.

In the first case they might go deep into website search engine traffic and building a big list of subscribers. Only then does their uncertainty about what to sell come to light. They’ll go onto forums and ask what to do with all this traffic and these subscribers. Obviously, they’ve missed a key piece of an online business system and/or haven’t realized there’s a point in the system beyond traffic and list. You need to decide on your product early on, before starting list building.

In the second case, which is the more likely outcome, they search and pick up on a product, or they’ve created their own from their own knowledge. Now, here it is very tempting to buy into someone else’s product and system for selling. For example, it might be an affiliate product where you get a percentage of the sale price. There are marketers whose business is based on affiliate marketing. But usually it’s only a part of a more varied business. The main problem with starting that way and then continuing only with it, is you’re dependent on the owner of the affiliate product. They could change the price, stop selling it, pass it over to somebody else, or just go broke.

You need to have control over your own business. Have a line of products unique to you, at least in some way, and your own business system.

That system includes your email marketing, if that’s the way you go.

In this context, here are some pointers on beginning with email marketing.

First, don’t use SPAM as a marketing method. Even if it worked fantastically well for you (which is doubtful) you’re limiting yourself to small scale thinking and action. You’ll want to grow your business, not have it stuck in a rut. Besides which you’ll almost inevitably be caught out at some point or make a mistake and that’s your business gone. Check out the legalities of sending SPAM – you don’t want to do it by mistake either.

Basically, only send emails to people who have asked for them or agreed to receive them. Have all subscribers opt in to your list. Plus, always have an unsubscribe link for them to opt out at any time they want to. In any case, you don’t want people on your list who don’t want your emails any more.

Second, have some type of opt in page. It could be a page on your site, a pop up, or even just a section on your sidebar. It’s only job is to persuade people to join your list. Nothing else. Have a valuable free offer. Try out different kinds of layout to see which gets you the best sign up rate.

Third, pay for a decent autoresponder which will get your emails delivered. And one you can scale up with, once your subscriber numbers start to grow. From it, you get the form for people to give you their email address on the opt in page. Once signed up, the autoresponder will automatically send your emails you’ve previously set up in it, at the times you specified.

Fourth, send traffic to your opt in page to get the free gift and sign up. Try out one traffic method or source. If it’s no good for you, try another. And so on until you find one that’s best for you. If you find one that is way above all others you’ve tested, put all your focus into it.

Fifth, once on your list, send them information that helps them, and builds your credibility and trust with them. Tell them about the topic of your first product, then about the product itself, then offer them the product with a link to its sales page.

Your email marketing is central to your online business. But it’s also only a part of your business system as a whole.