Copywriting Success

Copywriting for success can be about paying thousands of dollars for a top-rated copywriter. But most of us either can’t pay out that kind of money or don’t want to.

Imagine you can hire someone of that caliber but decide not to. Why would that be?

They will fit the copy round your product and business, and they will know all the tricks to engaging and persuading your prospects.

There’s one thing it won’t be: in your voice, seamlessly fitting with the rest of your content which you created.

You’ll basically get the hard sell type of approach too. If you’re getting traffic to your sales page which is cold then you need to catch their attention immediately, making the benefits to them directly obvious. By cold traffic I mean visitors who know nothing about you, your business, your products or any of you’re other content.

They will not trust your sales page, even though they might be interested, and the copy has to get round that, and fast.

I’m sure you know the kind of sales page I mean. They used to be, can still be, filled with pictures of red sports cars and golden beaches – with the old cliche of running your business from the beach, suggesting your life can be one long holiday except for pressing a few laptop buttons. Often too, is the idea of having nothing to do except collect the money and bank it. The copy wants the reader’s money taste buds driveling with hunger and excitement.

Even as you’re reading these few hints it probably crosses your mind about how great that sort of life would be. If you have thought or felt that, then it shows you how powerful this kind of copy can still be.

Is this kind of copywriting for success ethical?

Well, nobody is forcing people to read it or watch the sales video, nor to buy the product. People make a choice. I should think everyone at some point has been taken in by such copy. If your top criteria for success is getting as much money from as many visitors as possible, then it’s the perfect way to go. There’s a buyer born every minute.

However, you can still use this way of setting out your sales page copy but with more concern for longer term trust and thus more sales and profits in the long run.

Let’s look at this type of copywriting first.

If you’re consistently going this route, then you need to brand your business with particular colors and quality of graphics. This is where you could do with having them professionally produced, though some people on places like Fiverr can do a good job too. Then be consistent from your website and across all your sales pages to present the same image for your business.

The headline is usually in red or blue as well. It should state the main benefit of your product in as dynamic way as you can. Suggest, in fact, if you can, how it will change the reader’s life in a dramatic way.

The sub-heading gives the next main benefit, in a different color. It should be so absorbing for your targeted visitor that it leads them on to start reading the first sentence of the body of your copy. Bold that first sentence, and important sentences or words later on. Alternatives are to highlight the language or sections of copy, including putting boxes round them.

Begin by identifying yourself with the prospect, explaining how you have tried all the methods to do with the topic but without success. You list some and tell what happened, leaving you at a loss what to do, and perhaps on the verge of giving up.

Then you tell of your discovery of this product or its methods and how it has changed your life. Ask them what dreams and hopes they have for their life. Paint word pictures of how that life could become a reality: travel, freedom, security, no money worries, their children’s education and future secured, and so on. Whatever is appropriate for your target audience. You could present proof in some form here: proof of profits or testimonials.

Then, start into the actual product. Tell them what it is or does, emphasizing its ease of use and speed. List the benefits of it in bullet points in dramatic and exciting terms. Some people list the features here first, then benefits later or vice versa or list only benefits – these are the most important element.

You can again, now, knowing the benefits, get them to imagine how their life will change and how it will be different to their present situation. Add more proof here to back up and make the imagining a real possibility.

You might again say how you’re just like them – if you could do it, so can they. Plus, they have nothing to lose with your no-questions-asked guarantee. Set out the guarantee absolutely clearly and mean whatever you include in it. Put it in a separate box format so it stands out. After that, tell them clearly and exactly what they have to do.

Many people get confused about this at this point and exit because they’re unsure.

You could offer your bonuses here or tell them there’s a time limit or repeat the main benefits and the guarantee. Repeat what they must do to get the product: the whole sales page is about getting the click through to the order page.

Here’s an alternative for copywriting.

The work done with your visitors before they get to your sales page is that you have built credibility and trust. They’re very likely subscribers to your list. Therefore, it is not a cold sell.

Copywriting in this way does not necessarily need graphics, or at least different types of graphics than the above copywriting.

Maybe you haveĀ  your photo or logo at the top. If they’ve seen it before it adds to the trust factor. They’re more willing to hear what you have to say. Through your emails you’ve already shown you understand problems they’re having – this is true and not a copywriting trick. You start by emphasizing this, asking if they’re frustrated, angry or whatever other feelings are appropriate in terms of the product.

Having established the present situation, you then ask how it would feel to deal with that. How would things be better? You want them to genuinely think about and consider their situation, and more deeply than they probably have done so far. People often realize they’re angry about something in the niche but don’t dig any deeper or wider to see what else might be going on in their responses.

Give your own experience or experiences with the topic and what you found out. Tell about people who have managed to overcome obstacles in the niche topic and what they did. You might have 2 or 3 testimonials here.

Just keep writing down the page – it’s more of a letter to them from you, probably with fewer or no no boxes and so on but just the writing. Yoy might highlight the odd word or phrase. Tell them you can help them in the same way. List the benefits of your product to deal with the problem. Try to over-deliver in quality or amount or both.

Finish by telling them that they could have dealt with the problem by next month, for example, or they could be exactly where they are now. Have the pay button and how much they’ll pay in a couple of places towards the end. Again, give a genuine guarantee and make it clear what they have to do to get the product, that is, click the button.

These are two different methods of organizing your copywriting. Each is coming from a different standpoint. But test each of them out, and even combine them in some way, to see what works for you in your niche.