Content Marketing Top 3 Advantages

Even though you can buy traffic, use ads like Pay Per Click, work with joint venture partners, buy solo ezine ads, and so on, what people in your niche are really searching for is information. The ways of getting traffic I’ve listed as examples might get you some traffic and might make you some money but unless you have a lot of money to put into these ways, you’ll probably lose out with them or basically break even.

Now, ads are prolific on the web but so are products of various quality. Information is profuse on the web too so you can no longer simply provide some in your niche and expect a positive response.

Your prospects are not simply seeking information which they can usually find easily enough. They want instructive clarity about your niche which helps them understand it and breaks through all the complicated and fragmented information they can find. In addition, if they have a specific problem or need in your niche, they’re looking for a solution.

But what many content marketers and others don’t pick up on is that those prospects want the solution or increase in understanding there and then. Next week they’ll probably have a different problem they’re searching for a solution to.

If your content merely passes on information they can get elsewhere, your prospects are no further forward and they may no longer be your prospects. They’ve moved on to somebody else. Which is alright as long as they get what they want. But is often some get rich quick scheme or business opportunity or getting enmeshed in somebody ele’s system.

So what can you do? Here are 3 tips.

First, address your niche’s problems or at least a topic people in the niche will be interested in. With some experience of your niche you can work out its main problems. In addition, you can ask your list or website visitors. Go onto niche forums, too, and you’ll find members asking for solutions or expressing their concern about problems. Go to top niche blogs to see what posts are dealing with and check comment sections for responses to ideas and further expressions of frustration about problems.

The point is your content needs to be relevant to prospects and provide ideas and actions for solutions. If not they click away to keep searching.

Second, find out what content format works best in your niche for getting subscribers and then leading to customers. Focus on one or two content formats at first. Get some data on them. If one is clearly ahead of another, drop the weaker one and focus more strongly on the more successful one.

Then, while keeping that one going, choose another format and work with that. For example, you may have started with articles and videos. You might find videos work much better for you. You drop the article method and focus on creating more videos. Now you might keep the videos going and also use infographics. It could be the videos still reamain strong enough to be worth the effort and time in still using them, yet infographics come a close second. Now you can test them over a longer time period as to sales and profits.

Not all traffic methods work the same for all niches or businesses. Find out what’s best for you.

Third, if you’re providing content and testing as suggested, then use that traffic to build your list in order to provide further help and convert to customers. By doing the above actions you are qualifying your site visitors as they have experienced your materials and have decided to click through. Send them to a squeeze page to have them subscribe. On that page, offer a freebie which promises more relevant and helpful content.

Through your content and your testing you will get targeted traffic who then become your subscribers. These are people who like your tone and way of working and are open to buying from you. When you give them the same, and better, quality of content in your first product, they will likely buy more from you. In fact, they will want you specifically to give them more information that’s useful to them in your online business niche.