Content Marketing - Think BackwardsWhat sort of traffic do you want to arrive at your site?

You want to be able to sell them your product. So you want visitors who targeted for that product’s topic because they’re looking for a product like it to solve a problem they in your niche.

But consider your problems as the seller.

1 Visitors have no idea who you are. The odds are they have not come across you or your site before. Suddenly, they’re faced with your sales page.

2 Visitors are asking themselves if they can trust you. They want to trust you because it looks like you have a product they could use to help them. But how can the trust that you are trustworthy?

3 Let’s say they came from an ad of some sort, such as a banner ad, pay per click ad, or classified. These are more likely to be people surfing rather than searching. They click through out of curiosity rather than with purpose. This is the sort of traffic you do not want.

Instead, how can you get qualified, targeted and trusting traffic?

Sending people from a piece of your content can do this. It doesn’t matter what format you use. For example, this is why webinars can be so effective in selling. There is lots of information that people have opted in to get and respond to because it’s information useful to them and what they’ve been looking for. But text, video, audio, infographics can have the same effect in different ways.

First, why is the traffic to your site or sales page or opt in page qualified coming from your content? It’s because they’ve already experienced your content as an example of what you have to offer to help them. If it fits closely enough to what they’ve been looking for they’ll want more from you and click your link. If you send them to an opt in page, your freebie is related to the content topic they came from and so they will sign up to get the extra information. In effect, they’ve qualified themselves as potential customers for your related product you offer them later.

Second, this is targeted traffic because they’ve been searching for some help to do with your content, freebie and product topic. They are not ad hoc visitors who happen upon your site. They are purposive in being there.

Third, by going through your content, they experience your tone and attitude about your niche and the specific topic in it. They will only click through if they find that interesting. In other words, by the time they get to your site they already have a certain amount of trust, combined with interest, in your work and potential offers. They also are beginning to see you as having expertise in your niche. Think backwards from what potential customers need and want in your niche.

No, content marketing is not as easy or as quick as having an attention grabbing ad made. But it provides longer term subscriber and customer attention from those with interest in your actual information.