Content Marketing - Key ReasonsThere are several reasons why using content you create can be an effective strategy in your business.

Are you having problems getting traffic? Or subscribers onto your list? Or converting those subscribers to customers?

Plenty of people are in the same situation, yet they continue to expect the strategies and tactics they’re using will work some day, if not today.

You might be able to drive traffic to your website but then your opt ins are thin on the ground.

You could be building a massive list. However, nobody is buying anything – and the drop off rate is like on a cliff.

How come? Basically, two words: trust and credibility.

Once you’ve been on the web a while, you begin to wonder who you can trust. Marketers’ copy on their sales pages can be very enticing and make grand promises. Usually, it ends up not such a big deal once you’ve handed over your money.

Also, who can you believe? Even names you recognize and find stashed on Google search and social media can turn out not so great.

Of course, there’s no fast way to $1 million. But plenty of people want to believe there is and plenty of marketers want to suggest to you there is and they’ve found it. Ok, go and create a super app that everybody wants but even that’s not easy.

If you’re thinking and feeling like this, then your prospects will be too.

There has to be some sort of communication to prove your viability. If you simply sell an attractive quick and easy product that then doesn’t deliver the goods, do you think they’d buy from you again?

So you need to be able to communicate with your market and get prospects who will want to buy from you.

Your own content can do that.

1 Demonstrate your credibility and trustworthiness. Your content shows you as an expert in your market. You don’t have to be the expert of experts in it. It’s unlikely someone can be an expert in every aspect of it. Provide the knowledge and information your prospects want about your niche and they’ll want more from you. Even with the first content of yours they come across, if they like it, you’re starting to pre-sell your products.

Now, you only want people to subscribe who are likely to buy from you. Your content pre-qualifies your subscribers for you. If they’ve bothered to click the link for your opt in page, given you their email for you to contact them, and open your emails, it’s increasingly probable they’ll purchase a product.

2 The link they click is a backlink to your website, which has an effect on search rankings for specific keywords. The more backlinks you have to a page the more Google will see it as popular and relevant for a keyword search.

3 Creating content, as a new marketer especially, means you’re getting practice in generating copy in your niche. Create enough content, and on a daily basis, and it gets easier to do it. It’s a self fulfilling action. The more you generate ideas for your content, the more ideas you can produce.

4 You get your own ideas clearer as you have to explain them and make connections between them. Only you can do this in your own business. Taking ideas completely second-hand doesn’t mean they’ll work in your business. You have to know the uniqueness of your own work. Copying somebody else exactly probably won’t lead you to success. In fact, developing your own materials in some way, enables you to develop your own products: keep a collection of materials you’ve created and develop those and the ideas in them into full blown paid products.

5 Test which ideas and topics are most popular with your niche. Track how many views and clicks you get. Create products where you see a real need. For the content itself, track the effect of titles and headings to attract more views and clicks.

Create all the content yourself or get one person to create it all for you. People will expect consistency from first contact to finally buying your product.