Content Marketing -Create A List To Get TrafficPeople like going through lists, in almost any format. Just look around the internet or on magazines and you’ll see how popular they are. A couple of examples: “10 Surefire Ways To Get Back Your Boyfriend” and “25 Ways to Get Over A Junk Food Diet And Get Fit In 6 Weeks”.

We’ve all seen them and are attracted by them.

You can use them too to attract traffic.

Here’s how.

First, choose the topic in your niche you want to create your content about. Choose something you know people are keen to know about and get clear about. Maybe people are always asking about it in niche forums. Or your list keep asking about it.

If you know your niche well enough you can probably come up with a list of topics to create a list about.

Second, as you see in the two examples I gave, there are 15 list point differences between them. Unless it’s justified in some cases, it’s best to keep the list at 20 maximum.


Never forget that the purpose of your content is to get the consumer of it is to go through all of it, then click the link to your site. You can then have them subscirbe to your list.

If, for example, you have a list of 100 ideas, they’re less likely to get all the way through. You want it to be obviously useful to them and keep the interest to the end where they take action.

A list of three points can be effective if the ideas are powerful enough. So use ideas that are really attractive to your niche.

Third, create an eyeball grabbing title with your number in it.

A key way to get people to your content is if they’re attracted by the title. Although this is not necessarily such a good long term strategy as some marketers might suggest.

The most powerful titles are those that give them a promise of some kind: specifically they’ll find out how to do something or they’ll be clearer, educated about a topic in the niche.

Such as: “5 Guaranteed Ways To Get Rid Of Mice Forever From Your House” or “The 3 Top Tips To Succeeding At Your Next Interview – From People Who Have Used Them And Done It”.

What you don’t want is traffic which is merely curious about it. These will more than likely waste your time, even if they join your list. You want people who are serious about your niche, want to learn about it, and want to take action.

Fourth, create the content.

Have a short introductory section of 2 or 3 sentences, telling them what the content is about, maybe including a hint or two of some specifics they’ll discover.

Create the main part, with list organization. Be conversational and to the point. Imagine helping a friend out over a drink in giving your advice they’ve asked for.

The end section is 1 to 3 sentences briefly reminding them what they’ve found out, and how they can use it to help them in their niche. Also, have a link from them to click to your opt in page, or a page on your website , or to more content.

Fifth, briefly check it over, making sure it’s easy to get through visually and for clarity of understanding. If there’s any text, go over it to correct any spellings, punctuation or grammar that need changing. Of course, you might be using unusual grammar organization for impact.

This method can be used for any content format, including infographics. You want organization for ease of understanding, attractiveness, and clarity – and finally for the consumer of it to take action.