Build A List

I guess you already know that to have online business success it’s vital to have a list. Everything else might be great: your website, products, team of affiliates, together with having masses of traffic. Yet you still can’t make much money.

You may also know that the general view is that you need 7 or more emails being read by a subscriber before they buy a product. In other words, simply getting traffic isn’t enough. If you’re not getting visitors to opt in to your list you’re losing out on a successful business.

Let’s take the minimum as an example. If you only have 1 person in every 100 visitors signing up, and then it takes at least 7 emails to convert them to a buyer, you’re obviously losing a lot of potential sales. You need to have as many visitors opting in as possible in order to boost conversions to buyers, and make more money.

One way round this is to use a squeeze page as the way into your site, and even as the front page. It’s a gateway into your website and its contents. They have to sign up to your list in order to benefit from the content on your website. In addition, you send them a freebie of some kind, such as a free and valuable email course.

Some people will refuse to sign up but most will join your list. Then, you have regular contact with them until they convert to a buyer. Instead of that head-on way, you might want to use software that lets them see a certain amount of your website and then they have to sign up in order to see the rest. You still offer them a freebie, too.

How to organize your email sequence for conversion to buyers.

1 In the first emails, send them valuable and actionable information. Keep sending them such information as long as they’re on your list. This is the opposite of making offers to them in every email, or they’ll unsubscribe. The aim is to have them open every email you send them. You have to give them a good reason to do so. Never forget: if they don’t open your emails they will not, and cannot, convert to buyers. This is obvious isn’t it? Yet, it’s worth saying, as marketers still insistently send out offers in their desperation to generate customers. Of course, that’s exactly what you want but to not only ensure they stay on the list but also keep opening emails and buying from you, you have to give subscribers actionable content that helps them.

2 Also, you want them to become comfortable with clicking through the links you send them. Give them free products they have to click a link to get to. You can then provide a partial solution or product that they can then buy the full version of.

3 Keep to the same email address, and the same name you use, for the emails. If subscribers don’t see the address and name they know, then it’s less likely they’ll open an email.

4 Test all you do, and especially your open rates in terms of your headlines, the click through rate for the type of email, and the open rate of the immediately following email. Why the last point? Because if they’ve read a poor email just before it, they’re less likely to read the next one.