Build A List For Each Product Type

Building your list is a key way of generating your money on the internet. Also, it’s a key way to build and develop a long term business – where your main asset is your list. You let your website or other visitors¬† join one of your autoresponder lists. The list they join will fit the wants and needs of that person.

Therefore, you can send them various types of content as well as offers for products related to their interests. To do that you have to use segmentation in your list building. That is, have a separate list for each product type you offer. For example, selling gardening products means you’ll need several lists. Maybe one for those interested only in flowers, or even certain types of flowers, one for those only interested in growing vegetables, one for those with a garden, and one for those with only a window box. And so on. The narrower you can make the lists, then your income from them can be greater.

That’s because it’s easier to send targeted information and offers to people only interested in those.

With only one list you might send out lots of information and offers about gardening. But if you have several in a row about flowers and the person is only interested in vegetable growing, you’re targeting the wrong people. The vegetable growers will have to wait until you get round to sending some emails about their interest.

You’re not giving those people what they want, so they’ll stop reading your emails.

However, giving only flowers information to people interested in flowers, and vegetable information to those only interested in vegetables, means your open and reading rates will be a lot better. They will keep opening and reading emails targeted to them.