Autoresponder - Email Marketing And Profit ToolUsing an autoresponder you can build credibility and trust, and keep in communication with your subscribers. And most importantly for your business development you have a marketing tool and selling tool to grow profits, combined.

Prioritize building your own list and not, for example, buying leads. If you are, or thinking of, selling a one-off product in your niche, then change over to deciding to sell a series of products that your niche needs and wants. You can do that through your email marketing.

Keeping in contact with people is important as they will easily forget about you with all the distractions and possible related opportunities online. If your product is not relevant to them, they will buy from someone else. Instead of operating from email to email, set up a prefigured email campaign to launch your next product in your line of products.

Think about how you can take action on the following in your business.

1 You’ll have your front-end product to market first. You need to provide as much value to customers as you can in it. This follows on from free information, and any freebie products, you’ve given so far, and during your email sequence. By being of use to subscribers and leads, you maintain the interest of potential customers, that is those who are interested in what you have to offer to help them in what they need.

2 Give your subscribers free gifts in your email campaign. What’s the point of that? It can be a crucial one. They will make a judgement, jut as with your pre-subscribe materials, from the freebies as to what your paid products are probably like. That is, in terms of their own wants and needs, as well as their potential quality in themselves.

If you send them trivial freebies just to fill space on their computer, that’s what they’ll think your paid products are probably like.

3 Notice that it’s also an email marketing and selling campaign. You’re in business to sell your products, so you have to offer them to your list. Make an offer early in your campaign, maybe even in the first email. Or spend emails creating more trust and credibility, for example through freebies, and then make your offer. Spend a couple of emails introducing your product topic and then showing your offer as the solution to having success with that topic.

Most are not on your list by chance but are looking to solve a niche problem they have. Your product solves that problem. They’d probably prefer having such a solution as quick as possible, so make your offer quick and early.

4 Do not be concerned about subscribers who find this too fast and unsubscribe. They’re obviously not interested in your product, so they wouldn’t have bought it anyway. Keep your focus on your subscribers and customers, and the products you’re providing to help them.