Attracting Your Website Trafic

Have you tried buying traffic, like lists of prospects or using pay per click ads? Did you make much money from that traffic? Maybe you did make some money. But I should think the lists didn’t work very well, and the ads probably came out even.

If you have an ad you know that drives traffic consistently, you can keep on using it until it stops working. But to get to that point, it costs you money. You have to pay for all the times it’s not working well while you test it and tweak it to get it so it is working.

On top of that, look at the niche you’re in. Are ads effective in it? Maybe people in your niche just don’t click ads.

What’s more likely to attract people to your website? Why do they think they should even bother clicking a link to get there? Especially, when they’ve never come across you before?

Even businesses who have the money and resources for ads and similar types of advertising, know that what attracts people are awareness, knowledge, and trust.

In your niche, how can you compete on these things?

First, content is basic to everything. Prospects become aware of you through your content being relevant and useful to them as individuals. Which format that content is in, and where you publish it, will depend on what people prefer, such as text or video, and what you yourself are competent in. For example, if it’s video people prefer, you may have to learn to create and use it even if you’ve no idea how to at first.

However, you might be able to use a mixture of formats. You can only find out by using one or two at a time, and testing the results. Use the ones that provide the best return, and drop the others. But see the number two point below.

Second, of course, we all now know that even if you build the greatest website in the world, people will not necessarily simply arrive there. You have to take steps to make sure that happens. People in your niche have to know the site exists. So you build awareness of your site through your content. Maybe the best format for your content in terms of sales is video, but you could still use other formats to build that awareness, at least to begin with.

Third, people don’t only just want to know you exist, but that you can be a valuable source of help for them. So they want to know you have the relevant knowledge in the niche to do so. Your content that you have around the web where niche members can see it, demonstrates that niche knowledge. Being aware of you is a thin attraction to your business, after all you could be one site among many. You need to go one step further in being an expert in that niche. You simply need to know more than most people in the niche. That expertise is shown in your content.

Fourth, by this stage you’ve attracted people by your expertise. But can they trust you? Someone might go through one piece of content and feel from it that they can trust you enough to join your list. Someone else might take several pieces of content and a longer time to think about it.

Your content needs to start that trust building, so that when they join your list you’re not starting the relationship and trust building from scratch with your email sequences.

More content in your initial emails develops that relationship, with more valuable information in the emails or links to other places you’ve published. Maybe you give free gifts in addition. Having established a solid enough basis for a trusting relationship, you can begin to make your first offer. Subscribers, and others, will judge the possible quality of your products from the content of yours they’ve been through already. Therefore, products also have to be valuable and relevant to them, the best you can provide.

In these ways, and continuing to take these steps, you can develop a constant flow of traffic attracted to what you have to offer.