Here’s my strategy at the time of writing.

Write some articles yourself. Or have someone else write them. However, if someone else writes them make sure they also write all your other content, including any video voice overs, for example. This is so you don’t confuse readers of your written content. You want the same style and voice throughout your business.

Publish these articles on high ranked sites. Have a link to further information related to the article topic. This link could be to your site, other articles on other sites, or other types of content, or an opt in or sales page. If your article is on feeding puppies a healthy diet, then don’t send people to information on training puppies or how to buy a puppy. Keep to the same topic, as that’s what people click through for: more information on the topic. In addition, you have a backlink from the high ranked site to your site if that’s where the link goes.

Also, those people who do click through and then join your list have qualified themselves as positive prospects for your products. They found your articles of value and usable so it’s more likely they’ll want more from you.