Article Writing - 3 Key Tips

Some people aren’t technically minded or proficient enough to do videos, audios or webinars but reckon they can create text information for their site and traffic. But some people still make this much more difficult than it need be.

You might have looked at other sites and seen really long articles of 1000 or more words. So, you create a long article but end up with a lot of stuff that’s not needed, and with only a quarter of the article with the real meat of what you’re saying. Try sticking to the meaty parts without the long introductions and asides.

The first tip, then is make your articles shorter. Write long at first, if it helps you, and then edit it down. Ask yourself: what in this article actually helps the reader? The rest can be missed out. Try creating 2 or 3 articles from now on for one you write at the moment.

The second tip is to create many, many articles. This gives you an advantage as too many people write a small group of articles and think that’s enough. The more you write and publish, the greater their effect if used strategically. You’re building trust as much as anything else, so people might have to read several articles from you before that can begin to happen.

The third tip is to keep the information on target about the what your title says. People saw your title, and clicked to read it because it’s something they’re looking for or are interested in finding out. You must give them what they want. Decide what people are looking for if they click your link to read an article.

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