Here is the usual process people go through when they think they’ll make money online, which is usually merged in their mind with starting their own online business.

They have already looked at what others are doing to make money. So they decide to copy them. This leads into buying from a marketer whose methods and products seems to fit what they want for their business. That marketer is selling materials on how to make money online. They buy that marketer’s products to find out what he’s doing and any guidance he can give.

They might do this with several marketers.

They don’t make any money or any not worth the effort it seems.

Many people give up at this point. Or keep on searching, maybe for a long time, to find that special offer that will get them the money they want. Most never find it. It doesn’t exist.

Of course, you could pay a coach to take you through a specific set of steps in a specific business. You get advice when you hit a problem. You get instructions.

Many people still give up – you’ll see why below. Or they are back to searching for that special offer that solves everything.

Here’s what’s wrong and what you need to avoid, and do instead.

1 What are all the above people doing who are not succeeding? They are relying on other people to provide success for them. They look for what’s worked before, it seems, and think they can rely on it working again for them. In addition, they look for what’s simple and easy. This is why, when even with a coach, things seems hard.

2 Why doesn’t the money start and continue flowing? Why isn’t their business built and running in no time at all, as so many products promise? This is focusing on the wrong things to the exclusion of everything else: the money and wanting and hoping it will be a mechanical process. Instead you have to be creative and flexible.

3 Using someone else’s strategy, which is probably not an actual or full-blown strategy in the first place, in what you hope will be in your business, won’t fit. Strategy is psychological and creative and using your intelligence, not mechanical or forceful.

4 You can still lose it all. Let’s say you get your business going following someone else. You can still lose what money you’ve made by using wrong actions and decisions. The software you use, that promised so much, is suddenly old-fashioned as things have moved on. The affiliates who worked so well for you, aren’t doing so any longer. Or if you’re an affiliate for someone else, they go out of business and disappear.


1 Be your own strategist. Find out and understand what strategies you can use in your business. That is something you cannot lose and it cannot be taken away from you.

2 When you meet a business problem, use that knowledge to solve it. You can do that because having your own strategy means you have the big picture of your business and where it fits into your niche and marketing online. Of course, you can still seek advice and knowledge where you need it but you’re not dependent on it.

3 When you have more of a fingertip knowledge of your business, your niche, and internet marketing, it gives your actions more impact in improving your business. You’re not simply reacting.