An internet marketing explanationThe question, “What is internet marketing?” is a common one from those just coming across it. Then, even more so when people are trying to, or thinking of, making money online. Obviously, it’s about marketing your business and products on the internet. Now, in one sense it is obvious since we’ve all come across these words before and have some awareness of them. But if you’re having to ask yourself this question, also ask yourself about marketing, business, and products.

Because they’re sitting at home in front of their online device of choice, people presume that they’ll understand and know how to do marketing, create a business, and create products. But just like anything else you want to make progress in, you have to learn about it and how to do it.

There might be people reading this who are genuinely, open-mindedly asking the the question, What is internet marketing? while there might be others who consider it a pointless question as far as they’re concerned. If you’re the former you’re in a better position because you’re open-minded and you can keep asking the question as you learn more and more about it, going deeper and deeper into it. You see, some people think it’s a set of techniques that once learned can easily and quickly lead to wealth. These people tend to be easily hyped by business opportunities. Of course, techniques need knowing and keeping up with their changes. But internet marketing is really a psychological and communication process, using those techniques, to influence prospects to buy your products instead of someone else’s.

What is internet marketing? – an example process

The aim is to help people to solve problems they have in your niche, and make a profit selling those solutions to them. First, you have to know your niche, that is have knowledge you can sell and people want to buy. For example, if you want to be in a niche in the health market, then you have to know enough about it. If not, you have to learn enough about it to be able to create products to sell. Unfortunately, prospects will not then rush to your site to buy from you. They have to know your business exists and that you have that knowledge.

You demonstrate that by providing lots of free valuable content. You put it on your site, and in places across the web where your targeted prospects spend their time searching and talking about the niche. You also provide links they can click to a squeeze page or sign up page so they can join your list in exchange for a free gift. Of course, you have to have your website set up on your hosting account to be able to do this.

Once on your list you use your autoresponder to send them automatic emails, in the sequence you’ve decided on. These emails inform, educate and persuade them about your niche, your business and your products. Really, the emails in the autoresponder are used strategically to market your business and products. When they buy a product, you collect the money, as through PayPal, and deliver it to them attached to an email or by a separate delivery system. You follow up on their purchase, then offer a further one in the email sequence.

What is internet marketing? – 2 example techniques

You need to get visitors to your website. One way is through search marketing. That is, you set up your site so that search engines will recognize what its subject is and list it in search results for particular search terms. These terms might be keywords (which can be phrases) on your site or single words that you frequently use on the site. The latter seems to be what Google is tending to focus on at the moment, though keywords are still important. You write your website articles based on those keywords or words. It’s what I’m doing on this site. You also put your key terms into the title of your website and its description – though, again, on-site search engine optimization (SEO) does not seem as important as it once was.

The other side of search marketing is getting high quality and related websites to link to your website. Once you could have paid for these or done a swap. But search engines now recognize various tricks and methods people have used to get backlinks to try an improve their search results, such as getting onto page 1 of Google. That means that valuable content placed on your site, and placed where your prospects go, is even more important. You want to be recognized as providing valuable content in your niche. That way, you encourage authority sites in it to link to your content. The search engines will take note of that for specific key terms in their search results.

What internet marketing is not

– getting backlinks to your site any which way you can or in massive numbers, hoping it’ll impress the search engines

throwing up any thinly related content, and in small amounts, expecting heavy traffic in 2 days

– creating products that don’t deliver on their promise

regarding customers as cash cows that you keep sending offers to in your emails

– never really communicating with visitors, subscribers or customers

not bothering with customer service after the sale is made – it’s actually part of your marketing

I hope you get the picture in my answer to: What is internet marketing? If you have more questions, you can ask me. I answer all emails myself.An internet marketing explanation