3 Reasons To Create Your Own Products

What’s the point of creating your own products when you can buy them from somebody else to sell, with resell rights? When you can even buy Private Label Rights (PLR) products that you can change as you want, including sales pages, freebies, and emails to use. You can join memberships that deliver such products every month. You’d never run out of them.

Unfortunately, the first one most people choose to create themselves is an ebook of some sort. This takes time. They think of a 100 page product. But by the time they get to chapter 3 or 4 they’re demotivated. They question whether it’s worth it. They look at PLR materials and go with them.

Some people do make money with resell rights or affiliate products. But there’s still a learning curve working with those products.

It’s ok selling them initially but is it really your own business? You could still use PLR or affiliate products but also add your own expertise to them or in your marketing.

Here are 3 reasons you need your own products.

First, if you’re not simply going to have a reseller business, dependent on other people’s products, you have to make your own. The most significant way you’re dependent is on someone else’s expertise. If you’re in a niche and you don’t really know anything about it, but you’re selling to people in that niche, how do you know what you’re selling is of any use? For example, unless you pay for more high priced PLR, it will probably be so general and lacking any depth it’ll be of no use to the buyer. You also have to make sure the ideas and methods suggested are not out of date, which is especially the case with memberships with products from earlier years.

For your business to be actually yours, independent of others’ information and knowledge, you need enough expertise in your niche. This does not mean you need not be the top expert, even in your niche. But you must have enough expertise to be able to provide valuable and useful products.

This means your products, and other materials you produce, demonstrate your expertise. In turn, this means people in your niche will trust you more and look for more products from you. This is especially true if you can provide information and help they can’t get anywhere else, or they can but it’s not satisfactory enough. You’re going beyond simply selling “items” to enabling others to succeed in your niche. This is a much bigger effect than them only buying yet another product.

Second, you control your own products and can do anything you like with them. Again, more importantly with having your own niche knowledge, you will know exactly how you’re using them in your business rather than following blindly someone else’s method and hoping it’ll be ok.

Related to this is the fact you’re not inside somebody else’s system. You create your own business system, of which your products are the key part. For instance, you can set the price at whatever you want to. Even PLR products can have limitations on selling prices, as well as where you can place the product, such as in a membership site. In any case, if your own product is valuable enough you can be selling high ticket items very quickly in your niche. You could put a quality high ticket product at the front of your sales funnel rather than the end. In other words, you have much more flexibility as to its use.

Third, you don’t just want to be selling products one at a time but to be able to develop both your products and your business. These often go hand in hand.

Think of what you could with a product that’s wholly yours, including the copyright. Here are some ideas.

1 sell it as it is

2 use parts of it as freebies or as individual products to sell. From there you can offer the complete product

3 convert it to a high ticket course

4 use the whole of it or parts of it as audio, video, webinar material, a series of short reports

5 put it into whatever type of membership site you want to: from monthly payment to one-off payment

6 use it in a sales funnel with your other products

I’m sure you get the idea.

Of course, you might have seen this type of list on PLR sales pages. But notice the difference: you own the copyright, and you can change it as you wish. Such as building it out over time, using even single sections as freebies, or linking it with other of your products in a package or other bigger product.

But the key point is that it’s your own expertise. If people want your expertise, then they have to come to you.