I’ll Show You How To Organize Your Business To Sell Your Expertise Online And Have A Profitable Business – All In Less Than 90 Days!

You’re not an expert, you say? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered!

Read on!

I know you’re reading this because you’re frustrated when every day almost, you come across online businesses that are in the position of powerful influences in your niche.

BUT all you see online to help you get going are “create an opt in page” and “the way to start an online business”.

Yes, you know what it’s like. You don’t want a fly by night opportunity business but a REAL one that lasts over time. You might even be angry that all you can find are some basic ideas on things like creating a one page review site.

That’ll be a serious business? I know the feeling.

 YOU want a real business – like the one’s you’ve seen with top niche websites – OK?

And so you should!

I’m sorry to say that people who think that can be a serious business with an opt in page, a coupla posts, and a so-so
sales letter, are fooling themselves.

Honestly think – where would THAT take you?

Let me be straight with you – if you want to compete in your niche against the big players in it, you have to be organized like a big player yourself.

Is that why nobody is buying from you?

 If you’re focusing on traffic generation yet your business organization sucks when someone gets into it, that’s pointless traffic – no matter how targeted.

Maybe it’s got nothing to do with the traffic you’re getting.

Maybe it’s the way your business is set up.

People complain all the time about how traffic doesn’t work for them. It’s what you do with it, those people, once they’re at and in your business.

I know some people will have left this page by now.

If you’re still here, then you’re after the real truth about what you can do.

 Here are the must-haves in your business organization in order to make profits selling your products, whatever they are:

1 You must have enough expertise in your niche so you can provide products, services, materials, advice (whatever you’re selling) that is as unique to your business as possible. If you merely sell exactly the same as other niche players, you’re playing a head to head competition game – and you’ll lose. The message: be different from all the other niche players while providing value and usefulness.

2 Have more than one product to sell. The one best niche PDF or video in the world will not build you a business.

3 Have email sequences or messages for your community – not constant one-off broadcasts of single emails. Automate this as much as you can.

4 Have your own products as fast as you can.

5 Put products into a funnel to launch and sell them.

6 Write sales letters that sell your products.

You might be thinking: All this looks a bit heavy on work and time.

That’s because it is.

On the other hand, I’m sure you can see how important it all is!

 What are YOU missing?

You know why no-one is telling you about all this – at least in a coherent way that hangs together so you can use it?

Well, it’s simple: none if it sounds fast, easy – or simple.

And that’s what people are buying into all the time. If they’re told it’s easy, people will more likely buy something.

Did you buy any super software tool recently? It’ll do everything for you? You just have to press a button and all

problems are solved? Good luck!

But you still don’t have a serious business. Still reading, right?

 Now how would you feel if you learned about the must-haves and had them in place? Set up in less than 90 days?

Feel great? If so, and it’s really what you want, a proper business started in less than 90 days, then keep reading.

If not, pass this information onto someone else to take advantage of it.

Not a copy of someone else’s business.

Your own serious business.

 I recently created my brand new course to take you through these must-have elements.

There is no fluff. It is all text. It requires you to do the work I set in the homework. Only if you take action will you get the results you want.

As said, it’s not what other marketers tell you to do, or tell you how to do, or with examples!

They don’t do what they say. They set their business up to sell you the “easy and fast” option over and over again.

 After working through the 10 modules of my course, and doing the homeworks, you will have started your real business

What difference would that make to you?

I challenge you to take action on each module, week by week.

For example, in Module 1 I show you how to position yourself as an expert in your niche, if you’re not already one.

Then, in the next module I give you an overview of the process you need.

Then, I go into automated marketing.

And so the course follows through until you’re set up ready.

 How would you feel to have started your own online business in less than 90 days?

How would it change your life?

How would it feel to be positioned as an expert in your niche?

 What would it be worth to have all that?

I could put some one hour a week email coaching on this and sell it for $1000.

But I want people to get it fast so they can get to work on it. You still get unlimited email access to me to ask questions about it.

So you only invest $100 to get into the 10 Module course. Follow module by module and start your own online business at the same time.

That’s $100 investment to gain access to the 10 modules.

I personally challenge you to take action from each module and in less than 90 days you also will have an online business started.

So all you have to do is:

1 Enroll for $100

2 Follow along each module each week and TAKE ACTION!

 Congratulations for enrolling on this 10 module course and following along and through!

That’s it! This 10 module step by step training will get you started with your business in less than 90 days, when you take action from scratch. Enroll now: