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The whole purpose of this website is to give information on how to succeed at online marketing, together with services to help you succeed. Keep reading to see what key basics you need to cover to achieve that success.

I’m making 2 assumptions: that you have or are wanting to start an online business, or you have an offline business and you want to use the internet to get more sales.

However, before you read on, do this step for me. In Google, search in another browser for the term internet
. Then search for your keyword or topic. The first search shows you the masses of places that give out internet marketing information of some sort. Is it any wonder people jump from marketer to marketer? The second search shows you the competition you have to overcome.

Get round the first problem by choosing a business you can work with and trust. I don’t mind if you leave now to do so, as long as you succeed with them.

Get round the second problem by finding a narrow segment, niche, within your topic where prospects want to buy stuff, there’s enough of them, and it’s not very well served. Or choose a bigger niche and serve that niche better than anyone else.

You can now see why the quick and easy offers you get are usually just not true or are only a fragment of the bigger picture.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling online or offline, you need to know about and be able to use, internet marketing. Also, online or offline, you have to provide information your prospects and customers find useful in achieving what they want to in their business or life.

But too many people are misled by “gurus” wanting to sell you stuff you don’t need, though it sounds good in their
marketing, and some people just want to make a quick buck out of your lack of information.

This website aims to push those aside, and provide you with information that’s actionable and gets you started, and
growing, in the way you want.

To do that, choose the stuff you need at that moment you’re searching, and use it.

In addition, you can choose services you need to make your business even more efficient and effective.

However, you have to work on these principles of successful internet marketing to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

1 Know who your audience is. Too many online start ups just jump into their new business, usually copying somebody else, and hope for the best. Too many offline businesses, just take a swipe at internet marketing because they’ve heard search engine optimization or social media is important. But before you do any of this, think about who your specific target audience is. It may be quite wide, but you can still segment it into different sections with different interests. What are those specific interests?

2 Know what you’re talking about as much as possible, and keep learning. This is especially true of online start ups. If you don’t have an exact expertise, you can learn enough about your subject so you know more than those who need help with it. So, if you wanted to set up your business online about keeping exotic fish, you might have some experience of this subject already but feel you’re not really expert at it. Yet you have a basis of knowledge you can build on to know much more than the average exotic fish owner. The key then is how you market your knowledge or service.

3 Drive traffic, preferably daily, to your business. The offline mindset is to have a good physical selling position that’s popular with their type of customer. That is, the prospects come to you. Also, online you have to be able to show your business and offers to prospects. To do that, you have to be findable and/or put your offers in front of them.

4 Outsource, or use automation, where you can, and particularly if you want to grow your business. If you have a brick-and-mortar business you might be able to do most tasks yourself, with the help of one or two others perhaps, but once you get beyond a certain point you just can’t cover everything. Once you outsource and/or automate some elements that take up your time, you’re freed up to focus on growing your audience, your products, and your marketing. You’re really leading the business rather than only working in the business.

Two more things that are also inter-linked: make customers your central focus, and think long-term.